The Generous Giving events shown below offer a variety of environments for you to explore the biblical message of generosity with your peers. These unique environments are always free from solicitation and focus on the joy of giving as you grow closer to Jesus.

Journey of Generosity

A 24 hour experience for you and your friends to enhance your journey with Jesus and generosity. These personally hosted sessions are small and intimate in nature, much like a personal retreat with friends. Learn more and watch a video here.

Celebration of Generosity

An annual gathering of givers from around the country to celebrate the joy of giving and consider what it means to be entrusted with much. Participants will be inspired to experience the joy of generosity and excel still more in the grace of giving. Our next event location, speakers and schedule can be found here.

Generosity One Day

A unique 6 hour experience for 75-100 people to encourage discussion on the topic of generosity and challenge participants to take the next step in their generosity journey. Learn more about the life stories, teachings and videos here.

How We Are Funded Without Raising Money

We are fully funded by our board. We will never ask you for money. We create safe, inspiring, and enlightening environments in which Christians can learn more about the joys of generosity, free from the pressures concerning where to give or how much to give.